Did You Know?

Being a Realtor, a Wife, a Mother…I am always on the lookout for great deals and exciting things happening around Chattanooga. However, while contemplating what to write about this morning, it occured to me that October 3rd-9th is Fire Safety Week. I know as an adult, you may not think to much about your “FIRE PLAN”. As a mother and an agent, I want to make sure that my family and my clients are safe. So, today I am sharing some tips with you that you can practice at home with your family.

1. PRACTICE REGULARY:At least twice annually, hold an in home fire drill.
2. WALK THROUGH YOUR HOME TOGETHER AS A FAMILY:Know ALL the exits and escape routes.
3. MAKE YOUR DRILL AS REALISTIC AS POSSIBLE:Pretend flames are blocking an exit.
4. AGREE ON A MEETING PLACE: Choose a landmark that will be easy for everyone to find. Something as simple as a mailbox.
5. TEACH KIDS THEIR HOME ADDRESS:Practice it with them until they can state it clearly.
6. SHOW KIDS WHAT A SMOKE ALARM SOUNDS LIKE:Remind them of what they should do when they hear it.
7. TELL YOUR FAMILY TO CLOSE DOORS BEHIND THEM ON THE WAY OUT:This tip will help to slow the spread of fire.
8. TELL KIDS HOW TO AVOID SMOKE WHEN ESCAPING:Teach them to bend over or crawl to get under the smoke.
9. EMPHASIZE THE RULE: ONCE YOU ARE OUT STAY OUT! Make sure everyone understands that you never enter the home again for anything. Toys and clothes can be replaced!
10. DRAW A FLOORPLAN OF YOUR HOME:Note all the doors, windows and escape routes. Visit http://www.NFPA.org for an “escape planning grid”.

As always, be safe and protected.

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