About Me

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Moyer and I am a native of Chattanooga…homegrown girl, you might say. I am so excited to share this wonderful city and all it has to offer with you. From the rivers, to the mountains, the shopping, to the dining. There really is something for everyone. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to welcome you to our GREAT CITY!!!

I am a Full Time Realtor with a Full Time Staff ready and willing to help you find your dream home. Don’t just settle. I have bought and sold homes myself, so I understand…your needs come first. So, whether it’s two homes or twenty homes, together we’ll find exactly what you’re looking for!!

I dedicate 100% of my unstoppable energy towards serving my clients. A focused approach guarantees a fully professional level of service to you. As a result, my valued customers, strategic partners and friends refer their family members, coworkers, neighbors and other people they know to me for advice and consulting services. My goal is to build strong, lifelong relationships, one person at a time.

I was born and raised in Chattanooga. I attended UTC and graduated with a degree in Interior Design. Design and Architecture were my passions. I had planned to move to a BIG city to pursue my dream of working as a Designer, but ended up staying in Chattanooga to be with my “soon to be hubby” at the time. I took a job in the Insurance Industry (far fetched…I know) and actually LOVED it. Once our son was born, I left insurance and ended up staying home. Eventually, I followed my heart and jumped head first into Real Estate. This was my chance to work one on one with my clients to show them the potential of their dream home. Real Estate…this is my calling. I am blessed with a wonderful city to work in, a great husband who supports my dream, and a busy little boy who keeps me on my toes. So, if you are looking to buy or sell, I hope you’ll give me a call. This homegrown girl would love to work with you!!!

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